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Effects of Canatoxin on the Ca2+.ATPase of reticulum sarcoplasmic membrane

Effect of Canatoxin on cell cultures

Plant and microbial toxic proteins as Hemilectins: emphasis on Canatoxin

Effects of Canatoxin on the circulating levels of gonadotropins and prolactin in rats

Immunoreactivity for Canatoxin and Concanavalin A among proteins of leguminous seeds

Blood glucose alterations induced in rats by Canatoxin, a protein isolated from jack bean seeds

Platelet release reaction and aggregation induced by canatoxin, a convulsant protein: evidence for the involvement of the platelet lipoxygenase pathway

A phospholipase A2 gene is linked to Jack bean urease toxicity in the Chagas' disease vector Rhodnius prolixus.

Isolation and characterization of a toxic protein from Canavalia ensiformis seeds, distinct from concanavalin A