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Plant toxic proteins with insecticidal properties. A review on their potentialities as bioinsecticides.

Proteolytic activation of Canatoxin, a plant toxic protein, by insect cathepsin-like enzymes.

The toxicity of jack bean Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC DC] Canatoxin to plant pathogenic fungi

Biological effects of Canatoxin in different insect models: Evidence for a proteolytic activation of the toxin by Insect cathepsinlike enzymes.

Stimulation of Calcium Influx and Platelet activation by Canatoxin: Verapamil inhibition and downregulation by cGMP

Canatoxin-, Concanavalin A- and Canavalin-cross reactive materials during maturation of Canavalia brasiliensis seeds

Pharmacological characterization of rat paw edema induced by Canatoxin, the toxic protein from Canavalia ensiformis seeds

Role of resident macrophages in Canatoxin induced in vivo neutrophil migration