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PIXE analysis of urease isoenzymes isolated from Canavalia ensiformis seeds..

Plant toxic proteins with insecticidal properties. A review on their potentialities as bioinsecticides.

Proteolytic activation of Canatoxin, a plant toxic protein, by insect cathepsin-like enzymes.

The toxicity of jack bean Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC DC] Canatoxin to plant pathogenic fungi

Biological effects of Canatoxin in different insect models: Evidence for a proteolytic activation of the toxin by Insect cathepsinlike enzymes.

Stimulation of Calcium Influx and Platelet activation by Canatoxin: Verapamil inhibition and downregulation by cGMP

Canatoxin-, Concanavalin A- and Canavalin-cross reactive materials during maturation of Canavalia brasiliensis seeds

Pharmacological characterization of rat paw edema induced by Canatoxin, the toxic protein from Canavalia ensiformis seeds