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Insecticidal effect of Canavalia ensiformis urease on nymphs of the milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus and characterization of digestive peptidases.

Jack bean urease alters serotonin-induced effects on Rhodnius prolixus anterior midgut.

In vitro effect of Canavalia ensiformis urease and the derived peptide Jaburetox-2Ec in Rhodnius prolixus Malpighian tubules.

Membrane-disruptive properties of the bioinsecticide Jaburetox-2Ec: implications to the mechanism of the action of insecticidal peptides derived from ureases.

Toxic properties of ureases.

Expression kinetics and plasmid stability of recombinant E. coli encoding urease-derived peptide with bioinsecticide activity.