Stefano Ciurli

Posição: Researcher abroad - present collaboration

Email: stefano.ciurli@unibo.it

Vínculo Profissional:

Professor at Department of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Bologna, Italy

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Linhas de Pesquisa:
Jaburetox and Soyuretox
Plant Ureases
Ureases - non-catalytic properties
Ureases – structural aspects


– Physicochemical studies and characterization of soybean ureases accessory proteins

– NMR applied to study of the 3D structure of jaburetox

– Studies on the interaction of Jaburetox with lipids

Currículo: http://lattes.cnpq.br/6897103906124709

Vida no Laboratório:

Collaboration with LaNeurotox/Laprotox began in 2010.


Broll, V.; Martinelli, A. H. S.; Lopes, F. C.; Fruttero, L. L.; Zambelli, B.; Salladini, E.; Dobrovolska, O.; Ciurli, S.; Carlini, C. R. Structural analysis of the interaction between Jaburetox, an intrinsically disordered protein, and membrane models. Colloids and Surfaces B-Biointerfaces, v.159, p.849 – 860, 2017.

Lopes, F. C.; Dobrovolska, O.; Real-Guerra, R.; Broll, V.; Zambelli, B.; Musiani, F.; Uversky, V. N.; Carlini, C. R.; Ciurli, S. Pliable natural biocide: Jaburetox is an intrinsically disordered insecticidal and fungicidal polypeptide derived from jack bean urease. FEBS Journal, v.282, p.1043 – 1064, 2015.

Real-Guerra, R.; Stanisçuaski, F.; Zambelli, B.; Ciurli, S.; Carlini, C. R. Biochemical and Structural Studies on Native and Recombinant Glycine max UreG: A Detailed Characterization of a Plant Urease Accessory Protein. Plant Molecular Biology, v.78, p.461 – 475, 2012.

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