Rafael Real Guerra

Posição: Graduated

Email: rafael.guerra@ufrgs.br

Vínculo Profissional:

Post-doctoral fellow SUS-CAPES (211-2015), UFRGS

Linhas de Pesquisa:
Jaburetox and Soyuretox
Microbial Ureases as Virulence factors
Plant Ureases
Ureases - non-catalytic properties
Ureases – structural aspects

Formação Acadêmica:

Academic Degree:
B.SC. in Chemistry (2004 – UFRGS)
Cellular and Molecular Biology (2007, UFRGS) – supervisor Célia Carlini
Cellular and Molecular Biology (2011, UFRGS) – supervisor Célia Carlini


– Physico-chemical characterization of Canavalia ensiformis ureases

– Accessory proteins and activation of soybean ureases

– Antifungal properties of ureases:  chemical modifications and cloning of fungitoxic domains

– Site-directed mutagenesis of Helicobacter pylori urease: structure versus activity relationships

Currículo: http://lattes.cnpq.br/1557256003693194

Vida no Laboratório:

Publications (after graduation)

Fruttero, L. L.; Moyetta, N. R.; Krug, M. S.; Broll, V.; Grahl, M. V. C.; Real-Guerra, R.; Stanisçuaski, F.; Carlini, C. R. Jaburetox affects gene expression and enzyme activities in Rhodnius prolixus, a Chagas’ disease vector. Acta Tropica, v.168, p.54 – 63, 2017.

Lopes, F. C.; Dobrovolska, O.; Real-Guerra, R.; Broll, V.; Zambelli, B.; Musiani, F.; Uversky, V. N.; Carlini, C. R.; Ciurli, S. Pliable natural biocide: Jaburetox is an intrinsically disordered insecticidal and fungicidal polypeptide derived from jack bean urease. FEBS Journal, v.282, p.1043 – 1064, 2015.

Ligabue-Braun, R.; Real-Guerra, R.; Carlini, C. R.; Verli, H. Evidence-based docking of the urease activation complex. Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, v.31, p.854 – 861, 2013.

Staniscuaski, F.; Paluzzi, J-P.; Real-Guerra, R.; Carlini, C. R.; Orchard, I. Expression Analysis and Molecular Characterization of Aquaporins in Rhodnius prolixus. Journal of Insect Physiology, v59: 1140-1150, 2013.

Real-Guerra, R.; Carlini, C. R.; Staniscuaski, F. Role of lysine and acidic amino acid residues on the insecticidal activity of Jackbean urease. Toxicon, v.71, p.76 – 83, 2013.