Visual Identity

The visual identity – logotype of LaNeurotox – tells the story of Célia Carlini’s  scientific carrier.  The first logo dates from 1997, when Célia Carlini arrived in Porto Alegre as a professor at UFRGS and coordinated her first  multi-institucional “grant” (PRONEX). The research project  focused on the development of transgenic plants resistant to  insects, represented in the logo by a balance in equilibrium, having at one side a pot with a plant and at the other side, a beetle.

In 2011 the Laprotox – Laboratório de Proteínas Tóxicas (Laboratory of Toxic Proteins) was created at UFRGS,  when another multi-institucional “grant”, the so-called “Edital de Toxinologia” from CAPES, also coordinated by Célia Carlini, was implemented.  Laprotox’s logotype was conceived as a fusion of a shield – representing defense, with a stylized symbol of  biohazard – representing attack,  concepts related to the multi-functionality of ureases,  central theme of Célia Carlini’s research interest after 2000.

The logotype of LaNeurotox – Laboratório de Neurotoxinas (Laboratory of Neurotoxins), created by Estudio Karen Ferraz, Porto Alegre, RS,  reflects the duality of the defense-and-attack idea as a shield built of colored  “Y”s, each representing one molecule of urease with their characteristic “Y”-shape, resuming the goal of the research group.  The logotype resembles in its colors those of the Brain Institute (Instituto do Cérebro) of PUCRS, to which Célia Carlini joined in 2013, emphasizing the visual identity and perfect tuning with the institution.

  • 1997

  • 2011